Monday, November 7, 2016

Nude Lipstick Tips and Tricks for Dark Skin

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The importance of lip liner when you're on the darker deeper end of the spectrum when it comes to wearing nude lipsticks. Without some sort of light brown or dark brown lip liner when wearing nude lipsticks it can completely wash you out leaving your lips looking flat.

Pic on the left Nude Lipstick with no liner see how it makes me look less defined & washed out 👎

Pic on the right Nude Lipstick with lip liner Chestnut from MAC lined around my lips making the nude lip color more suitable for my skin tone and adding definition 👍

So you can rock any neutral shade,but brown lip liner is every brown "girls" best friend

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Heres a list of my favorite lip liners for dark skin

1. Chestnut MAC Cosmetics
2. Bittersweet MAC Cosmetics
3. Prailine CoverGirl
4. Bobbi Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
5. Dark Brown NYX Cosmetics

Thanks for reading Jazzy xoxo